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In Loving Memory

We'll forever remember you and your contribution to the fight. Your story isn't over...

Amy Bleuel

When you met Amy, it was hard not to notice her gentle soul but she also wore badges of pain that were hard to conceal. Her efforts to win you over with big personality and an amazing smile quickly gave way to the girl who felt overwhelmingly shy and unwanted. The kind of unwanted that made her question her own right to life itself. After her parents divorce at the age of six, Amy chose to live with her father and his second wife in Wisconsin. During that time she suffered physical abuse at the hands of her stepmother and just two years later she found herself in child protective custody. She often spoke to me about those years and how she created a fantasy world where everyone accepted her and people were kind. She spoke to me about the day that even that world fell apart. At the age of 10 Amy began self harming, contemplating and attempting suicide after being sexually abused and raped. At the age of 18 Amy’s father died by suicide. Amy was very close to her dad. She often talked about how she resembled him more and more as she got older. She loved to share this picture that she labeled –

“This picture sums up me and the admiration I had for my dad”.

The love that you see in that image is the beginning of Project Semicolon. In 2013 Amy made a Facebook post about her new semicolon tattoo. She dedicated the tattoo to her father with the caption:

A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.

PS: Your Story Isn’t Over

The post traveled across every ocean and touched the hearts of those who read it with no language barriers. That day, April 16th 2013, Project Semicolon was born.

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