San Diego

I suspect I have lived with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I struggled with low self esteem from childhood through early adulthood. I got married at the age of 19. Had two daughters and was in an emotionally abusive relationship. At that stage in my life, I was living for my girls […]

Pittsburgh Area

I have been living with anxiety and depression all of my life.  Most recently, I have been diagnosed with a mood disorder called cyclothymia, which I am told is on the bipolar spectrum.  I have also struggled with suicidal thoughts since a very young age.

Permian Basin

My son and I have both suffered from mental illness. My 16-year-old has just been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 after years of trying to understand what exactly was wrong and having only partial insight. He also suffers from major depressive disorder, OCD,  generalized anxiety disorder, bulemia, and binging and purging, and he had a […]


I have lived most of my life with depression and anxiety. In 2021, my depression became much worse and I finally decided to continue my story. It took a lot of patience and finding the right solutions for me including the right meds, talk therapy and sound immersion which is a lot like yoga except […]


I have been impacted by others’ addiction, suicide attempts, and my personal suicidal thoughts, followed by in-patient treatment. I have had two marriages fail; one to their drug & sex addiction followed by attempted suicide in my presence, the other to Adderall abuse and then refusing treatment. I have been in therapy for almost my […]

Kansas City

I experienced trauma at a young age, being physically and sexually abused by my bio dad for years. This trauma eventually turned into me developing many trauma-based disorders. Being autistic and neurodivergent has also played a huge factor in my life. I suffered from self harm and addiction for years, in and out of hospitals […]


I have lived with anxiety and depression most of my life.  I was also recently diagnosed with cyclothymia, a mood disorder, as well as suicidal ideation.  I’ve been in therapy for over ten years, which has helped me develop some coping skills regarding my anxiety, mood, and challenges related to each.

Coachella Valley

Hello, I have suffered from depression and anxiety pretty much my whole life. Both seem to run in my family as well. I am the oldest of three siblings and all been on antidepressants most of our adult lives. One thing I am proud of is that we as a family have never been ashamed […]


I have personal experience wiht drug addiction;childhood sexual abuse;followed by depression; anxiety;toxic relationships etc…etc . I have lived in all sorts of situations good and bad have been working through all help for myself and a few others,can’t really say I have all the answers but I do have compassion and a nonjudgmental out look […]


I have lived with OCD since college. It’s hereditary, and my cousin has it too. I have PTSD because I was a firefighter for almost five years and saw things that still haunt me.