Permian Basin

My son and I have both suffered from mental illness. My 16-year-old has just been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 after years of trying to understand what exactly was wrong and having only partial insight. He also suffers from major depressive disorder, OCD,  generalized anxiety disorder, bulemia, and binging and purging, and he had a […]


As a child I suffered severe physical and mental abuse, resulting in childhood depression, self -harm (cutting), anxiety, eating disorders (anorexia for 3 years and then bulimia, of which I still struggle with). At the age of 21 (14 years ago) I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar. It has been a hard fight and I have […]

Dorsey Hall

Hello, My name is Christine and I am a mother of three wonderful adult children.  I am 53 and have attempted suicide twice in my life.  I have had mental issues since I was a child.  It runs on both sides of my parents.  I have all of the issues listed and have recently overcome […]