Permian Basin

My son and I have both suffered from mental illness. My 16-year-old has just been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 after years of trying to understand what exactly was wrong and having only partial insight. He also suffers from major depressive disorder, OCD,  generalized anxiety disorder, bulemia, and binging and purging, and he had a […]


I have lived most of my life with depression and anxiety. In 2021, my depression became much worse and I finally decided to continue my story. It took a lot of patience and finding the right solutions for me including the right meds, talk therapy and sound immersion which is a lot like yoga except […]


Hi, my name is Tyler Caissie. I have had a history of Anxiety and Panic Attack Disorder starting all the way back in 2015. I have since then (recently in the past 6 months) been rediagnossed with Panic attack Disorder, anxiety, Agoraphobia, suicidal thoughts, and depression. I have been on tons of different medications, through […]


History of Trauma,  sexual assault, depression, anxiety, self harm behavior and suicidal thoughts.  Medical diagnosis of multi-system autoimmune disorder brought everything to a head.  I Always spent my career being of service and after much self work and self care I know I can still help others but on a different level now.  I can […]

Dorsey Hall

Hello, My name is Christine and I am a mother of three wonderful adult children.  I am 53 and have attempted suicide twice in my life.  I have had mental issues since I was a child.  It runs on both sides of my parents.  I have all of the issues listed and have recently overcome […]