Show your commitment with an Automatic Monthly Donation to Project Semicolon.

Want to make your donation go a little farther? As a monthly donor, you can ensure that when someone needs support, Project Semicolon can provide it. Your monthly contribution will help Project Semicolon better provide services that meet the needs of those with mental health needs, survivors and their loved ones across the country and allow us to plan education and advocacy efforts on college campuses, in local communities, and on Capitol Hill.

Some donors prefer to give smaller monthly donations over a longer period of time, rather than a single lump sum. Not only can this be easier for personal budgeting, but it also allows you to contribute more to Project Semicolon than you may have thought possible. For example, a gift of $10 per month might be easier to manage than a one-time gift of $100—and over the course of a year you’ve increased your overall donation to Project Semicolon by 20%.

To make a monthly donation, select “This is a recurring donation” box on the donate page.

Have questions about a monthly donation? Email