Fight the stigma around mental health

Fight the stigma: Choose to talk about it, show support to those around you, shine hope, and see the full picture.
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March 24, 2022

Fighting the stigma

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “A big part of turning back the stigma of mental health is awareness, both big and small. From widespread information to even the simple words we choose to use can make a big difference.”

Choose to talk about it

When we choose to talk about mental health we are normalizing it. Historically, people did not talk about mental health issues because there were not very good resources to help treat those diseases so people, for the most part, would stay silent on the matter. In the twenty-first century we have fantastic medications, tools, resources, therapists, and counselors that are ready and at our disposal to do the best they can. There is a plethora of tools and resources online, like Project Semicolon, that have teaching tools and groups. When we choose to talk about it we can normalize it and once we do then we will be on the right track to success for everyone.

Show support to those around you

Showing support ‘piggybacks’ off of choosing to talk about it. When we notice changes in friends’ or family members’ lives that are unhealthy we can choose to talk about what is going on in their lives. Go up to them and let them know that you see a difference. Do not diagnose them but guide them to getting help, let the professionals handle the diagnosis. Let them know that you are there for them every step of the way. There are side effects of most mental health conditions that leave the person experiencing the mental health issue feeling alone or stranded with no one to talk to. Be an ear to hear and stay away from judgment. Let them know that the key to getting better is talking about it.

Shine hope

Make sure to remind them that there is hope for those that receive treatment. The symptoms they are experiencing are generally not going to last a lifetime, it is just what they are experiencing now that is causing the issue in their life. Hope if just around the corner. Remind them that sometimes a season of depression is just that, a season. It will not last forever if they are willing to receive the proper treatment for the illness.

See the full picture

When a person with a mental health issue sees another person going through the same thing, particularly a notable person, it is usually in the middle of their battle when it is at its worst. Make sure to help them see the full picture because as humans we have a limit to what we want to be associated with and if it is too extreme then we stray away from it regardless if we have the condition or not. Seeing the whole picture helps us understand that during the hardest part of the battle there is freedom and peace on the other side.

*This is an excerpt from my new book: Breaking Christian Stigmas – Mental Health releasing in Summer 2022*

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Fight the stigma around mental health

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