Mary Klien

November 9, 2022


Depression isn’t a choice – it can happen to anyone.

Powerful words from Nadia who reached out for help with her depression.

I was told that my reason for being depressed was “pathetic”, and that I “had plenty of things going” for myself, but depression doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t look at what you have going on in life and avoid you because it doesn’t want to ruin that.

I wanted the people I care for and confided in to open their hearts and minds to understand that depression isn’t a choice. I didn’t want to be depressed – nobody wants to be depressed.

Being told I was wrong for being depressed, made me feel even more hopeless and incapable of overcoming it with the ‘’weak mind’’ that I was being told I had. I felt like a burden to those I cared about and as if I had let my family and friends down, for letting what was considered “a bad mood” get the better of me. I was told that I had a history of being depressed for so long, that I’d probably be depressed forever – and that it was only a matter of time till there would be another thing that happened to trigger it all over again.

When I sought therapy to prevent that from happening, the person I trusted enough to confide in made me feel like my reasons weren’t worthy enough to seek professional help over; they would have been able to get over it all easily or not let it bother them.

However, I still went to therapy, and it wasn’t a pointless road to go down. My reasons were just as valid as anyone else’s, and without help, my mind would have been stuck in the same place forever and the hopeless thoughts would have taken over me. It took strength to battle my depression and courage to grab the bull by the horns.

I think it’s easy for someone who has no experience with it personally, to assume that people who are depressed or experiencing thoughts of suicide are weak – but that’s wrong. They aren’t weak, they are alone in their thoughts and tired of battling it till they’ve lost their ability to think. I think it’s important to let people experiencing suicidal thoughts or any level of depression know they are not alone and give them positive energy to feed off. Show them that there is support available and there is still beauty in life!  Even if you don’t understand or can’t relate to people in these positions, it can help just to listen.

If you suffer with your mental health or know anyone who does, remember that depression can start at any time and can happen to anyone. No one is immune to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and what triggers you may or may not be the same as what triggers someone else. You’re still strong and there’s still a solution to the problem. It can be cured.

I want others who are struggling with their mental health to trust that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and to encourage themselves to face the reality of how they are feeling. Accept that it’s not anything to be ashamed of – and it can be overcome.

Thank Project for sharing this story below.


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Depression isn’t a choice – it can happen to anyone.

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