Naming your chapter

Naming your Chapter

Project Semicolon chapters are community-driven and are named after the local area in which the community it will serve is situated. Find out how to pick a name that fits your community event.

Chapter naming conventions

All Project Semicolon chapter names follow the same convention: a name beginning with Project Semicolon,  followed by a location-based descriptor such as the official name of a city, neighborhood, street etc.

Your chapter name identifies the host community and lets the world know where the local efforts you’re working on are coming from. It also helps viewers connect with the chapter and understand it’s unique space in the organization.

Project Semicolon chapters cannot be named after:

  • Countries
  • States or Provinces
  • Regions
  • Location nicknames
  • Historic names
  • Buildings
  • Museums
  • Proprietary names or commercially-owned developments
  • Organizations (such as corporations, nonprofits and NGOs)

How to name your event

Your Project Semicolon chapter name refers to the community that the event will serve. The name should be relevant and meaningful to your audience.

When thinking of your chapter’s name, consider a neighborhood, street, river, lake or public square name that represents the audience of the event.

The Project Semicolon chapter name you nominate must be local and specific to your area within your town or city.

If you are choosing a street name, public square, lake or other such entity, your event name must have a location qualifier where appropriate, such as Project Semicolon chapter  Regent St, Project Semicolon chapter Brick Lane, Project Semicolon chapter Rawa River.

Institution names

If your chapter is for your university or school community, your chapter can be named after the school or university. Names must include “School”, “University”, “College” or “U” qualifier as part of the name. (Note: Make sure you have permission of your school or university before applying.)