One Million Semicolon Tattoos

One Million Semicolon Tattoos

Once a form of punctuation that denoted being not quite the end of a sentence, the semicolon has taken on a whole new meaning. And it’s world wide.

Tattoos With Meaning

Instagram has almost 200,000 posts with the #semicolonproject and that number is constantly growing. This tiny tatt is a candid reminder that the person next to you may be suffering from mental illness and depression. And yet, they have chosen to carry on with their daily life.

Maybe that person is you?

If you ever needed a reminder that life can be tough, the semicolon tattoo meaning has become a token that connects us in our search for happiness and the reality of how difficult finding it can be.

What does a semicolon tattoo mean?

According to Project Semicolon

Despite their prevalence, depression and anxiety still come with a stigma that can lead to further mental health issues. As many as 1 million die from suicide every year and millions more attempt to take their own life.

Amy Bleuel, the inspiration and co-founder behind the Semicolon Project suffered her whole life with depression and created the semicolon sign as an expression of her willingness to carry on.

What Does a Semicolon Tattoo Mean?

“The semicolon was chosen because in literature a semicolon is used when an author chooses to not end a sentence,” said Bleuel. “You are the author and the sentence is your life. You are choosing to continue.”

Bleuel originally encouraged people to draw the semicolon on their body and post it on social media. But it didn’t take long before her post went viral and people began inking their bodies with a permanent reminder that you are the author and could have chosen to end your sentence, but chose not too.

It’s a powerful message that has taken hold.

Depression is rising

My semicolon tattoo is my favorite. It reminds me that everything bad passes with time. I’m almost 3 years clean now and got it right before I stopped using 💜

@thisiskatelynmarie shares her semicolon tattoo reason

Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon was formed in 2013 and has helped more than 6 million people; “It’s not just a semicolon. It’s hope. It’s inspiration. And it’s who we are.”

This tiny sign of hope is now adorning over 1 million people – mostly on their wrists and ankles – and has become something of a conversation starter. Not just for those who have experienced depression or suicidal thoughts, but it’s become a way to reach out to our fellow humans who acknowledge they’ve suffered.

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Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

If you’re considering joining the ever-growing number of semicolon supporters, there are numerous ways the tattoo can be embellished. Common versions include replacing the dot with a heart or kitten face, while others add butterfly wings to symbolize transformation. No matter what you choose, you’re sending a message of hope to others.

Instagrammers share their stories of depression

Tips For Getting a Semicolon Tattoo

The key to getting any tattoo is to be sure you want one. The great thing about the semicolon tattoo is that it can be made small enough to be almost hidden: some people have them on the inside of their fingers, others have them behind the ear or on their foot or ankle. Or you can incorporate it within a larger tattoo.

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Incorporate it into a larger tattoo
Make it your own with a musical vibe
Over 1 million people have semi colon tattoos