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Your results indicate that you have a reasonably high level of self-esteem.

Your results indicate that you have a reasonably high level of self-esteem. There is, however, still some room for improvement. Essentially, people who believe themselves to be worthless trap themselves in a vicious circle: this sometimes causes them to think and behave in ways that only justify this distorted and false view. Although your self-esteem is generally healthy and some insecurity is normal, it certainly can't hurt to give your sense of self a boost. The long-term benefits are numerous: increased confidence, better relationships, less anxiety and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Screening quizzes are not diagnostic tests, nor can they provide you with a diagnosis. The only person who can provide you with a diagnosis is a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health care professional. It is generally not beneficial for you to identify a diagnosis ahead of time, and then go to a doctor telling them you believe you have that diagnosis. Instead, we encourage you to identify symptoms of concern to your doctor that are having a significant impact in your daily life. A valid and reliable diagnosis can only be made in partnership with your doctor or mental health professional.

We believe in the importance of screening quizzes because they help in the effort to reduce the stigma, prejudice and discrimination people who have mental health concerns often suffer in silence, because others believe their symptoms aren’t “real.” Mental disorders are real and screening quizzes help identify serious, life-changing symptoms of concern in people who might not otherwise consult with a mental health professional.