History of Trauma,  sexual assault, depression, anxiety, self harm behavior and suicidal thoughts.  Medical diagnosis of multi-system autoimmune disorder brought everything to a head.  I Always spent my career being of service and after much self work and self care I know I can still help others but on a different level now.  I can be of support and encouragement as I have been to the dark and found my way back to the light.

Spring Lake

About a year ago I discovered I have adhd bipolar disorder manic depression  and a few types of anxiety and panic attacks.  I had thought I was normal until then. The discovery that I’m not caused me to examine my past, seeing the devastating consequences of having had these metal illnesses on the person I had become suicidal and nearly gave up. After discovering 2 techniques that were able to help me to accept my issues and begin healing I decided to dedicate my life to spreading the word and preventing suicide by showing people like myself that there is another way.