Hi, my name is Tyler Caissie. I have had a history of Anxiety and Panic Attack Disorder starting all the way back in 2015. I have since then (recently in the past 6 months) been rediagnossed with Panic attack Disorder, anxiety, Agoraphobia, suicidal thoughts, and depression. I have been on tons of different medications, through tons of different types of therapys, and just about every hospital in Minnesota unfortunately. I have been up and down through the trenches, in and out of hospitals trying to seek help for my mental health. I have been struggling to find the proper help and support as there doesn’t seem to be much for mental health and if there is, it is sadly over run due to the unfortunate pandemic circumstances that have damaged so many peoples mental health. So I have decided that I want to get through this and help others who are struggling to find help just as I did. Everyone has there ups and downs even after recovery. I am still having those days. But I have always had the want and will to become a leader and help others. I know that my story isn’t over and neither is yours. Stay strong