• Pay more attention to mental health and well-being and encourage it in others.
  • Support a loved one/friend/colleague who is living with a mental health issue or illness, who is going through a difficult time, is struggling with suicidal thoughts or has lost a loved one to suicide.
  • Refrain from using the phrase ‘commit suicide’ or successful suicide and instead say ‘died by suicide’ or ‘suicided’
  • Encourage people that it’s ok to talk about suicide.
  • Take a suicide alertness or intervention training such as SafeTALK or ASIST or Mental Health First Aid. Just like we learn physical first aid skills we can also learn emotional first aid skills. Encourage families, friends, co-workers, faith groups, coaches to take training in your community.  Raise funds and host one!
  • Host a Project Semicolon event in your community if one does not already exist.


Help fuel Project Semicolon to create meaningful change for suicide prevention efforts Worldwide.  Project Semicolon is 100% funded by donation and we need your support.

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Honor a Loved One

A memorial gift to Project Semicolon is a meaningful and lasting way to honor a loved one or friend while helping others.  Thoughtful gifts made to a Memorial Fund or in memory of a loved one will help Project Semicolon continue to pursue our mission to reduce the suicide rate and minimize the harmful consequences of suicidal behavior.  SET UP A MEMORIAL FUND or MAKE a DONATION NOW.

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Organize a Fundraiser

Raise awareness and funds for Project Semicolon by organizing your own fundraising event or activity in your community.

Workplace Giving

Ask your workplace to match a donation or host a bake sale or event.

Celebrate an Important Day

In your life or the life of a loved one – birthday, wedding, anniversary – hosting a dinner party to playing a concert or having a game night – share it with Project Semicolon and turn your special day or event into a charitable opportunity.


Although Project Semicolon does not offer services where you can help out each week, there are different ways you can help from your home including assisting in:

  • Updating Resources
  • Website and Educational Material
  • Translations
  • Sub-Committee Help
  • Hosting Fundraisers
  • Creating courses
  • Lead a Weekly Webinar Meeting on a Mental Health topic
  • Start a Silo of Project Semicolon in your community

If you are interested in being added to the Project Semicolon volunteer list, please let us know your area, some general areas of interest and any skills you would like us to know about.  When opportunities arise, we will send it out to yourself and other potential volunteers.

Email us at