When it comes to our mission to save lives, we consider tattoo artist around the world as allies for the cause. Listening to the deepest and most personal thoughts of their clients, while creating semicolon tattoos that will become a lifeline in times of need. We recognize your commitment and Thank You for all that you do.

The semicolon has quickly become the most recognized symbol in the fight against stigma and suicide. Around the world people are finding hope tattooed on a wrist, behind an ear, on a shoulder or simply drawn on a hand for a day. It's that hope, given to millions as a reminder that "Your Story Isn't Over"; the same hope reminds us that every storm eventually runs out of rain.

On April 16, 2022, Project Semicolon will host it's first annual World Semicolon Day event. Around the world, tattoo shops and community leaders will join forces creating an event with no borders. From the main event in Denver, Colorado, we'll highlight the amazing efforts from community leaders and tattoo shops around the world offering free semicolon tattoos and world class speakers who have become leading voices in mental health and suicide prevention. Please join us in changing the world. Sign up and let your community know that you're partnering with Project Semicolon to save lives.

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