I’m a bit older, I think that makes me a bit more understanding and much easier to talk with. I’m an Veterinary Nurse by education, and an artist by trade. Call me a Seamstress, a Sewist, or a simply a patchwork artist, it’s all the same to me. I can make any piece of clothing- patchwork or orherwise- as well as repair any quilt. I have a degree in History, so combining two of my loves (History and Sewing) makes my heart smile. I’m also a published Editor and Writer, I’ve worked on a number of books and websites now, including works written by Amy Bleuel. A comment that started as a joke turned into editing for and writing with her from the earliest days of Project Semicolon. Two books of my own creation are in the works, both inching towards their own lives on paper and outside of my imagination.
I’m married, have raised three decent children into adulthood, and now share my life with two parrots, our “forever toddlers” in a small house on a big pond.