My name is Rosalee, Rose for short and I am a survivor of a suicide attempt. I am from Saskatoon, SK Canada and I have been following the Semicolon project since 2015 and it is one that is very near and dear to me, personally. As I continue to learn, I also embrace and honour my personal journey.

I was born and raised here in Saskatoon, SK Canada and I will forever be a prairie girl at heart.

I own and operate a small, home based baking business, specializing in French Macarons, since the beginning of 2017, that has allowed me to share my love of sweet treats with Saskatoon and the surrounding area. It is a humbling feeling, when customers trust me enough to share very personal stories, as we discuss French Macaron flavours and colours. Relationships are formed, though not personal, they are beautiful in their own way.

Dogs are my ultimate weakness and if I’m around them, you’ll find me loving on them and most likely talking to them… in a weird, baby voice. Although I am often dressed in darker clothing, I LOVE (and I stress, LOOOOOVE) anything and everything rainbow!

I am also a Mama to four wonderful kiddos, three boys and one girl and have been with my husband for almost 19 years, who is a high school teacher of 18+ years.

Browsing your wonderful website, I came upon the section, “Start a Chapter”. I am very interested in starting a chapter in my city of Saskatoon, SK, as I believe spreading awareness and being an advocate for those who may not want to speak yet, is very important, especially where I am from.

Through my small, humble platform, I want to help spread awareness and break barriers and do my part to break the stigma surrounding mental health and especially raise more awareness on suicide prevention.