My name is Stacey and I’m a current junior/senior at Tulane University studying public health and cell and molecular biology. I became involved in mental health advocacy several years ago after a close family member was hospitalized for a mental illness. Mental health work became increasingly important to me after surviving my own suicide attempt, and I’ve become very interested in volunteering my time to help others! I have volunteered with Crisis Textline as a crisis counselor and have since become a new grad peer supporter to support new volunteers upon completing their training. I have also joined the group of Crisis Textline campus advocates to increase mental health awareness and distribute resources to college campuses across the nation. I’ve also volunteered as an events coordinator and support group facilitator with Asian Mental Health Collective, and am working on an internship with Healing Minds in New Orleans, a nonprofit focused on health policy advocacy to provide a continuum of psychiatric care for those with severe mental illness.