I am a long-time advocate for those with mental health disorders. My mother has suffered from depression my entire life. I was 16 when a good friend died by suicide. My brother had OCD beginning at age 12 and schizophrenia as a young adult. He died by suicide when he was 29. My other brother suffers from severe bipolar disorder that ended his career as a physician and nearly ended his life. My sister is in recovery from an addiction to benzos. I have lost or nearly lost family members, friends, and neighbors to suicide. Most recently, my 25-year-old nephew tried to die from an overdose of tylenol. He survived, got excellent therapy and psychiatric treatment, and has now declared himself a gay Christian man. I struggle with anxiety and PTSD. Issues of mental health have affected and influenced my entire life. Recently, I launched the I’ve Got You Project, which aims to broadly educate people about the signs that may mean someone is struggling with a mental health disorder and how to help. I believe we can help slay stigma through understanding and compassion. I have a background in nonprofit management, early intervention, and consulting. I am the author of the bestselling “Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World.”